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Trenbolone is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids available . It is injected intramuscularly into one of the several injection sites on the body. Trenbolone is not available in a form that can be taken orally. It is an intermediate to advanced level steroid and it should never be used by people who have recently started using anabolic steroids. First time users or those who are about to start their first anabolic steroid cycle should not take trenbolone. Only those who have already completed several cycles of testosterone or any other beginner level anabolic steroid may use trenbolone.

You should give trenbolone its due respect because it is associated with certain side effects that are not seen with the use of other anabolic steroids. If you use it irresponsibly or Trenbolonewithout knowing what it can do, it can cause serious health effects.

Trenbolone can be obtained in three esterified variants – Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Enanthate, and Trenbolone Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate also known as Parabolan. The basic difference between these three variants is their half lives.

Advantages of trenbolone

Trenbolone is a strong androgenic compound. This compound along with its fat burning property gives it many advantages. It is basically derived from the anabolic steroid nandrolone, but unlike nandrolone it has no estrogenic property. It cannot be converted into estrogen because it has a double bond on the c9-10 carbon. This makes it totally resistant to the action of aromatase, which converts steroids without this bond into estrogen. So trenbolone is a flexible and versatile anabolic steroid, which provides tremendous muscle gain.

Trenbolone affects muscle growth in many ways. It increases the level of IGF-1 (Insulin like growth factor) inside the muscle tissue. On the other hand, muscle satellite cells, the cells that repair the damage to muscle fibers also become more sensitive to IGF-1 and related growth factors. It also increases the DNA level in the muscle cells significantly.

Trenbolone is strongly attracted to androgen receptors. In fact, in trenbolone this property is stronger than that of testosterone. Much like how the Celsius scale uses the freezing point and boiling point of water to measure temperature, testosterone is used as a baseline to measure the potency of anabolic steroids. For example, while the androgenic and anabolic property of testosterone is 100 each, the androgenic and anabolic property of trenbolone is 500 each. This means trenbolone is five times stronger in its androgenic and anabolic properties when compared to testosterone. To be benefited from 1000 mg of testosterone, only 200 mg of trenbolone has to be administered. This means you do not need to take large doses to see the effects. In fact, large doses can lead to adverse affects.

Like nearly all other anabolic steroids, nitrogen retention also increases in muscle fibers after taking trenbolone. The drug also has anti-catabolic properties. Trenbolone can prevent catabolism or breakdown of muscle that usually accompanies intense exercise . Cortisol and its related hormones have receptor sites inside muscle cells. Cortisol is responsible for breaking down protein for fuel. It also suppresses inflammation that develops when the tissue is injured. It actually binds with these receptors, inhibiting the action of cortisol and other glucocorticoid hormones.

History of trenbolone

Trenbolone is a well known anabolic steroid. But unfortunately, the use of this steroid is shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding. Trenbolone was initially sold as Finaject in the 1980s . It was also known as Finajet, Finapl, Trenbol75 and Agri-Vet . It was given to cattle to increase their lean mass and BMI.

The drug was also available in pellet form and was called Finaplix. These pellets were implanted into the ears of cattle before they were transported for slaughter. The pellets maintained the cattle's weight during transportation. Bodybuilders also used Finaject and Finaplix to increase their muscle mass. Trenbolone does not cause water retention unlike some other steroids. This was one of the reasons why it was so popular among bodybuilders, who did not want to go beyond a certain weight. Both Finaject and Finaplix have not been produced since 1987.

One of the names for trenbolone acetate is 'Fina'. This is because when bodybuilders first started injecting trenbolone, it was by dissolving Finaplix pellets. 'Conversion kits' were available to convert the Finaplix into an injectable drug. The method was not sterile and often led to infection as well as formation of abscess. But it was popular because the pellets came cheap and they were easy to obtain. This method is unnecessary now because injectable trenbolone acetate can be bought as a black market product.

Finaject or Finaplix was usually stacked with Winstrol, which is another anabolic steroid. If you are able to find any Finaject or Finaplix now, it is most likely counterfeit. Testosterone or some other anabolic steroid may be packaged as Finaject. In the US the use or even possession of trenbolone is not allowed and if you do so you will be violating the federal law. It has been classified as a Schedule III drug. But many underground labs still make it and you can also buy it from some sites on the internet.

Effects of trenbolone

Trenbolone acetate is quite popular in the bodybuilding industry because of its many advantages. Not only will it cause a substantial growth in muscle tissue, but it will also increase density, hardness, vascularity, as well as dryness. It is also a well known strength enhancer and some strength athletes like weight lifters use it in their programs. It is also one of the best drugs for recomping (gaining muscle), as can be evidenced by its use in the meat industry. It also causes quick fat loss. Its role in raising aggression and assertiveness is well known.

Another benefit of trenbolone acetate is that it clears the blood stream quickly, in as little as a week. If you are experiencing side effects from trenbolone, this property of trenbolone will help you because the side effects will also dissipate in a few days.

When an individual uses trenbolone his levels of estrodiol, an estrogenic hormone, falls. This is because the production of natural testosterone is suppressed during a trenbolone cycle, which in turn suppresses the production of estradiol. Trenbolone, along with its relative nandrolone, comes under a category of anabolic steroids called 19-nor compounds, so called because the 19th carbon in their structure is missing. This is one of the reasons why trenbolone cannot be aromatized. With nearly no testosterone, there is no substrate that can be aromatized. As a result, the production of estrogen becomes very low.

Dosage of trenbolone

Fat cells also contain androgen receptors. Trenbolone binds with these androgen receptors and increases the rate at which fat is burned. This, along with its ability to reduce cortisol and bind with glucocorticoid receptors, makes it useful for bodybuilders who want to reduce body fat. Long-term use of anabolic steroids may cause liver toxicity as well as kidney damage and trenbolone is not different either. Inexperienced users should limit trenbolone use to ten weeks, but experienced users are known to stretch this limit.

A trenbolone dosage will depend on how the user reacts to the drug. Some individuals can only take 35 mg everyday but Masteronothers can even take 150 mg, while managing to starve off extreme side effects. New users are advised to start with low doses initially and see their reaction to the compound. Many people start with 35 mg of the drug. This level is appropriate for those who are highly susceptible to side effects from trenbolone. For an effective cycle the individual can inject another anabolic steroid like Masteron.

A trenbolone steroid cycle gives better effects when it is stacked with another anabolic steroid such as testosterone, anadrol or dianabol. Trenbolone-only steroid cycles give limited gains. For example, an individual can stack 50 mg of trenbolone acetate with 50 mg of Dianabol. This will give a much better affect than 100 mg of trenbolone or 100 mg of dianabol.

On the other hand, stacking trenbolone with anabolic steroids like oxandrolone, primobolan, or masteron gives different results. Usually, these anabolic steroids are not stacked with trenbolone to improve the effects but rather to reduce the side effects.

An ideal dosage would be 50-75 mg. You may have noticed that these amounts are quite low for an anabolic steroid, but then trenbolone acetate is highly effective. This potency can also be attributed to the lightness of the acetate ester. As a result, most of the weight on the trenbolone acetate molecule is active steroid. When compared to trenbolone acetate, the active steroid percentage in trenbolone enanthate is lower by 20%. So, a little more quantity of trenbolone enanthate may have to be taken.

Side effects of trenbolone

No estrogenic activity is exhibited by trenbolone, so there is no question of any estrogenic side effect. However, androgenic side effects can be expected. Some of the most common side effects are acne, oily skin, and prostate enlargement. Some people have also reported hair loss. Individuals who are genetically predisposed to baldness may do well to avoid trenbolone.Steroid Side Effects

Trenbolone is not recommended for women . Trenbolone has virilizing effects such as voice deepening, hair growth on the body or face, and clitoral enlargement which can be problematic for female users. In women, these effects can show at low doses also. Since estrogenic side effects are not present, you may think that you do not have to worry about water retention or gynecomastia. Note that trenbolone has the properties of a progestin, which means it will bind itself to progesterone receptors (progesterone is a female sex hormone). This leads to an increase in Prolactin levels. In this case, the side effects can include lactation and breast growth. To prevent these side effects, users can use compounds like Vitamin B6, bromocriptine, and more.

Trenbolone also causes a temporary increase in thyroid hormone levels, which can again cause an increase in prolactin levels. In this case, you can use a T3 compound to negate the effects.

Since trenbolone is a progestin, it will effect the user's production of natural testosterone. It causes the body to temporarily cease production of testosterone and the effects can last for weeks after a user has ceased to take it. By taking trenbolone in conjunction with testosterone, you can prevent libido problems, sexual dysfunction, and mental effects. Some people have complained about testicular atrophy, but this can be avoided by taking human chorionic gonadotropin.

Physiological effects have also been seen in some people. Most of these effects can be attributed to the androgenic nature of trenbolone. Individuals have reported an increase in aggression. Androgenic compounds can affect brain chemistry, causing feelings of aggression, anger, or anxiety. On the contrary, men who stop taking trenbolone suddenly might experience depression, low sex drive, and a host of other conditions since the body recuperates and begins producing natural testosterone again.

Kidney and liver function can also be negatively affected in some individuals, especially when large doses are being taken. Dark urine has also been noticed as a side effect of trenbolone use. Users who extend their use of trenbolone should monitor the functioning of their kidneys and liver to ensure that these organs are not being damaged.

There may also be excessive sweating. Anabolic steroids cause an increase in metabolism and trenbolone is no different. This may especially manifest when the individual is sleeping. Individuals should increase their intake of water since dehydration due to sweating is a possibility. Insomnia or disturbance in sleep is another condition that may be caused with the intake of trenbolone . Trenbolone can stimulate the nervous system, especially in large amounts. As a result, the individual may have trouble falling asleep, may not feel tired, or may feel restless. Many users report using sleep medication and sleep aids.

Some trenbolone users also suffer from a cough, called Tren cough, soon after they have injected themselves with trenbolone. This is usually caused when the individual punctures a capillary or a vein when passing the needle through the skin. Anabolic steroid injections are usually oil based. When these are injected, a small amount of oil enters the capillaries or vein. It is transported to the lungs, which attempt to throw it out causing cough.

Trenbolone also inhibits estrogen production. Since estrogen is needed for the sperm to mature, it affects male fertility. Low estrogen levels can also lead to loss of libido and may increase the risk of developing degenerative diseases like Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.

Trenbolone legal status

Individuals are not allowed to use trenbolone on themselves in the US. Anabolic steroids are classified as Schedule III drugs. The Drug Enforcement Administration, better known as the DEA, says that an individual may get psychologically dependent (high chance) or physically dependent (low or moderate chance) on a Schedule III drug. It does not define trenbolone as a narcotic .

The simple possession and use of trenbolone on humans is a felony which can lead to 3 years in prison or a fine of not less than $5000. Trafficking in trenbolone can lead to a fine of up to $5 million and a prison term of 30 years . There is no lower limit or minimum amount of trenbolone that an individual can safely possess.

Anabolic steroid implants are allowed for veterinary use. But if someone diverts this for use in humans, it will be deemed as a distribution of a Schedule III drug leading to prosecution. The law on trenbolone differs in other countries. For instance, in Canada it is a Schedule IV drug. In Canada, all anabolic steroids are classified as Schedule IV drugs. In the UK, anabolic steroids are classified as Class C substances. Their possession can lead to a 2 year jail term, while their production and supply can lead to a 14 year jail term. But many countries do not have strict laws. In some places, you can even buy it over the counter.