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Omnadren is an anabolic steroid which is a combination for four types of testosterone esters. Like all other forms testosterone, Omnadren is known to have a high androgenic as well as anabolic response and gives the user massive gains in their muscle mass. It is generally taken by bodybuilders and weight-lifters so that they can increase their physical strength easily. The four testosterone esters include: phenylpropionate (60mg), propionate (30mg), caproate (100mg), and isocaproate (60mg). The mixture of these esters does not alter the testosterone hormone in the body as the testosterone hormone functions normally irrespective of the esters that are attached.

The other characteristic of omnadren is that it is aromatizing. This means it helps in converting testosterone into estrogen in the body. Estrogen is a sex hormone that is predominantly found in women and a small amount Omnadrenof it is also found in men. Estrogen is required to regulate specific bodily functions such as the menstrual cycle in women. After reaching the menopause stage, the estrogen level in women drops rapidly which results in them developing male characteristics such as growth of facial hair.

Estrogen is important for bodybuilders and weight-lifters because it helps the body store and absorb excess fats as well as water in the body. It plays and important role in improving strength in the muscles as well as increasing the overall body mass. Since estrogen is responsible for stimulating the deposition and retention of fats and water, it makes the muscles look softer and loose. This is required for the body's protection as it helps in lubricating the joints and bones when lifting weights.

Omnadren also converts into dihydrotestosterone which helps in stimulating the synthesis of protein in the human body. The synthesis of protein helps in balancing the positive nitrogen in the body and helps in increasing nitrogen production. The production of nitrogen is necessary as it helps in storing protein in the muscles tissues. It acts as a raw material for the construction of new muscle tissues and it also helps in stimulating different anabolic processes. This is why Omnadren is considered to be an effective means for building strength and mass in the body.

Benefits of Omnadren

Omnadren is beneficial for its users as it has many positive effects on the body. These benefits are also seen in single ester compounds like testosterone enanthate or in a mixture of compounds like Testoviron or Sustanon 250. Many people have the misconception that a few testosterones have more potency than others. The truth is that the active hormones are the same irrespective of the type of testosterone you choose. The main difference lies in the attached esters as it determines the duration of the active steroids and its initial impact on the body.

One of the major advantages of Omnadren is that it steadily releases testosterone in the body over a long time after a single injection. The concept was taken from the application of Sustanon 250 when it was compounded for the first time. The idea behind this was that it would be more beneficial to the user if Omnadren was injected at least once in a month.

During testosterone replacement therapy, an Omnadren user will have to visit the doctor lesser number of times for an injection. This will be beneficial to the user as fewer injections will not cause any problems to the body. Since Omnadren has a long-lasting effect, the user will also have a healthy treatment. Esters come in three different forms – short, moderate, and long. Testosterone replacement therapy would be easier to accomplish if there was a mixture of all three forms of esters. Athletes cannot abide by this routine as an injection of Omnadren will have no effect on the body's functioning.

For athletes that require increased strength and endurance, a dosage every three days is necessary. This steroid injection is required to ensure that the blood levels remain stable. The long lasting effect is due to the ester 'propionate' which is an essential part of the mix. Due to the androgenic and anabolic properties in Omnadren, it is an important compound for a providing a massive increase in the size and strength of the muscles.

Omnadren enables the body to store more nitrogen in the muscles which, in turn, helps in improving the synthesis of protein in the body. It also improves the ability of the testosterone to increase the production of IGF 1 (an anabolic hormone). Omnadren is considered to be a pure form of steroid that greatly helps in increasing mass and strength in the body. It also reduces and blocks any muscle wasting hormone and helps in removing stored body fat which makes a great steroid for those who are using it for dieting purposes.

Side-effects of Omnadren

Omnadren is said to have estrogenic side-effects as the steroid has the ability to aromatize, which means it helps in converting testosterone into estrogen. This increases the levels of estrogen in the body making the user more susceptible to anabolic steroidal side-effects such as water retention, high blood pressure, and gynecomastia.

Side Effects of OmnadrenTo avoid these primary effects of Omnadren, the users will have to undergo a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) or an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI). The function of the SERM is to bind receptors to the chest so as to prevent the estrogen from binding. Aromatase inhibitors stop the aromatase process from taking place and it even goes to the extent where the body's total estrogen level is reduced. AI is more effective in preventing gynecomastia as well as water retention. Controlling water retention with AI helps to keep the blood pressure at normal levels. 

Omnadren also has three side-effects of a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) nature. The first one is commonly seen and that is the development of acne. If men who are taking Omnadren manage to keep their skin dry and clean then this problem would not occur. If the user is sensitive to acne, then it is recommended that they seek a dermatologist for treatment. The next side-effect is hair loss as this is due to the build-up of dihydrotestosterone. DHT has a negative effect on the body as it deteriorates the hair follicles.

Finasteride is recommended for protection against such side-effects if a person is predisposed to male pattern baldness. Another side-effect of Omnadren is the enlargement of the prostrate. In order to avoid such a situation, users must ensure that they take Omnadren responsibly without any abuse.