Anabolic Steroids
  • Get Ripped With Anavar!Anavar is the closest thing to the most perfect steroid. A very mild compound with limited side effects. Great results can be achieved with Anavar.
  • Get that Lean Body with Winstrol!Winstrol is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders alike to lose fat while retaining lean body mass. It is usually used in a "cutting cycle", to help preserve lean body mass.
  • Steroid Side Effects.Side effects specific to men can include testicular atrophy or the shrinking of the testicles, reduced sperm count, infertility, baldness, and the development of breasts.
  • Sustanon 250 - Athletes Top Choice!Sustanon-250 is probably the most popular steroid amongst athletes. Sustanon-250 is a testosterone compound comprised of four different ester based testosterones.
  • Gain Mass Quickly with Dianabol!Dianabol is an oral steroid that is highly effective at putting on mass quickly. Developed in Germany and released in the US in the early 1960s by Ciba Specialty Chemicals.
  • Rapid Gains with Anadrol!Anadrol, is by far, the most potent steroid ever made. Rapid gains can result from minimal usage. Anadrol is an oral steroid that is still being produced today.
Get Ripped With Anavar!1 Get that Lean Body with Winstrol!2 Steroid Side Effects.3 Sustanon 250 - Athletes Top Choice!4 Gain Mass Quickly with Dianabol!5 Rapid Gains with Anadrol!6


Anadrol is an anabolic steroid which is consumed orally. It has the reputation of being one of the most powerful steroids out there. It is composed of the active hormone known as 'Oxymetholone'. It was eventually designed in the 1960s by Syntex Pharmaceuticals to treat anemia as well as other conditions which tend to degrade muscles. Anadrol's primary effect was to increase the muscle tissues in the body to avoid muscle degradation.

Anadrol facilitates a rapid as well as effective increase in lean tissue and muscle strength but as the doses are increased beyond a certain limit and are too high, the steroid may not be able to facilitate growth effectively as it is meant to do.

Expectations from Anadrol

Since Anadrol was basically designed to build and strengthen the muscle tissues, athletes as well as bodybuilders who like to enhance their performance through drugs consumed this steroid for better performance. Anadrol or Anadrol 50 has earned itself the reputation of being one of the most popular steroids used for bulking purposes. Like many other steroids out there it is also known to be extremely beneficial for those who are using it in a cutting cycle, especially for competitive bodybuilders and athletes.

Bulking is the primary effect of this steroid and users who are using Anadrol 50 supplements have reported fantastic gains of up to 30lbs in a matter of weeks. Apart from the increase in size, Anadrol is also known to contribute a lot in increasing the strength of the user. Very often the increase in strength is rapid and dramatic. 

Side effects of Anadrol administration

Once you have decided to take Anadrol as a supplement for your bodybuilding or performance enhancing needs, you should educate yourself about its side effects. Studies have shown that there are a few side effects associated with Anadrol administration and a doctor should be consulted as soon as you notice these side effects to avoid extreme consequences. Some of the side effects associated with Anadrol use are as follows:

  • Stomach irritation followed by diarrhea has been reported by many users who consume Anadrol.
  • Sleep deprivation or Insomnia is another reported side effect which has been reported post Anadrol use. Doctors can suggest a change in the dosage cycle upon consultation to curb this side effect.
  • Mood swings have also been associated with Anadrol use. Users have reported bipolar tendencies after administration of Anadrol.
  • Breathing difficulties are another reported side effect that many people who consumed Anadrol have reported.
  • Swelling of the feet and ankles has been reported by some users of this steroid. This is likely due to the steroid's characteristics of initiating fluid accumulation and retention in users.
  • Decreased sex drive is another reported side effect of Anadrol. This is likely as the steroids are known to suppress the testosterone hormone in users.
  • Emergence of acne is another common side effect reported by users. These are likely to appear around the neck and shoulders. Users should consult their dermatologists to suppress this complication.
  • Hair loss is another side effect associated with Anadrol use. Steroids have the reputation of degrading the hair follicles and eventually leading to their complete death. This is why users report receding hairlines and permanent hair loss is likely to follow.
  • Some male users have also reported trouble in urinating post Anadrol use. This should be reported immediately to the doctor as this side effect may have severe complications if ignored.
  • Change in the size of the testes has also been reported by many male users of Anadrol.
  • Temporary impotence is a result of Anadrol use. As testosterone levels are at an all time low due to Anadrol administration, impotence is a common side effect. As you go back to recuperation, impotence will reduce gradually.
  • Tenderness and swelling of the breasts have been reported by some female users of Anadrol.
  • Virilization has been observed in some women with them developing hoarser voices, facial hair, as well as other male characteristics.
  • Women have also reported major menstrual changes with alterations in their respective menstrual cycles and frequent menstrual cramps.

Many people who are under the administration of Anadrol do not usually have any serious side effects, and many of the above listed side effects disappear with the passage of time. If these side effects persist for long, the user should consult his doctor immediately as they are in the best position to judge the extent of the problem and suggest effective remedy.

Anadrol and liver toxicity

The main concern with Anadrol use has always been liver toxicity. Anadrol is among one of those oral steroids which have been engineered to bypass the filtration of the liver, in turn causing a lot of stress to the liver's functioning and leading to liver toxicity. This side effect can be controlled by limiting administration to a period of 6-8 weeks, and allowing the body to recuperate post administration for a suitable period of time. The liver has the capability of recovering quicker than many other organs in the body, so the recovery period can be set at about half the period of administration. 

At a per milligram basis, Anadrol seems far less toxic to the liver than many other engineered anabolic steroids.

Anadrol Dosage

As we know with controlled and well monitored dosages, steroid use of any kind can be extremely beneficial and can have lesser side effects. The recommended dosage of Anadrol per day is in the range of 50-150mg/day. Some users tend to take up to 300mg/day but this is only because they are stacking Anadrol with other anabolic steroids. Studies have shown that there are not too many identifiable benefits in users who have exceeded the dosage of 150mg/day.

We have learned that Anadrol has proved to be extremely beneficial to athletes as well as bodybuilders as this drug has the capability to affect both the building and cutting cycles of users. Studies have shown that combining Anadrol with other injectable steroids has greatly enhanced the outcome of a steroid cycle by greatly multiplying the positive results. If a user is extremely cautious and gets all things right with his Anadrol administration, he is in the driver's seat to conquer and control the side effects and have a health risk considered low according to bodybuilding standards.

Anadrol, like other steroids, has been banned in the market but is still widely circulated in the black market and is readily available to those who are willing to pay a few extra bucks for the drug. Athletes as well as bodybuilders form majority of the buyers of this steroid, likely to be involved in black-market transactions. Procuring steroids from the black market is not only a federal offence but there is a high chance that you are being ripped off and being sold counterfeits of the drug. Adulteration of the drugs with laced addictive agents is common and this poses a great health hazard to the user. Authorities have tried to crackdown on the black market selling these banned substances but a complete overhaul of this well established network seems to be out of the question.